Monday, October 25, 2010

gaining my confidence!

so, basically, i woke up this morning and went to bath,
finished bathing, then searching through my closet
well, here's the thing, i saw my black BABY-T which i havent wore like forever.. i simply took it out and put it on. i looked at the mirror and omg, i fit perfectly in this baby-t.
i wanna cry :P
i can wear it and i dont have to hold my breath!!

i went out and showed it to my mum.

me: Mum, tingu sa muatttt. teda nampak buruyut sudaa
Mum: ish, tia gumuk mum bilang tu, jan perasan gumuk ba..
me: nda, mum, sa bilang sa kurus suda. teda nampak buruyut suda.
Mum: ooooo..

but anyway, i dont have the model body indeed, but i can fit S size!
it's a wonderful world!! i really wanna cry!

i need a new jeans. HAHAHA
everything happened for a reason. i can never be this lidi if im not sick. it's misery but i thanked God for His plan :P

welcome back, confidence!

mintapuji dulu aaa..

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