Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Morning Breeze.

it's almost 4am! and im still awake, just like months before.

I dont feel GOOD. from yesterday til now, i dont feel good. it's like something bad is going to happen in anytime soon. cross fingers for everything to be just fine. . God, hear me out :(

A song is not a song

until you connects with the song

HAHA it suddenly popped in my mind. im so freaking in love with Lee Hom's song now. especially the lyric. whenever i listen to any song, the first thing im going to listen is the lyric. i'll categorized the song as Kiut song, Kesian song and such. it's sad to know how some composer compose a song with a random lyric.

anyways, off to bed now. Sweet dreams, sleep tight guys. to someone out there, wear mr.blankie :) it's cold down here.

Good Morning all :D


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