Tuesday, October 26, 2010

other way to save your money.

yes, there's other way for you to save your money.

there's no Maybank here in Ranau since many years ago, i dunno why they shut the bank. dont have any clue at all. so, this afternoon, i went out to cimb bank for the withdrawing purpose.
First attempt, FAILED.
second attempt, SUCCESS.

curiosity, i re-check the balance in my saving account.
and omg! some of the amount was gone missing!

i was a bit shaky when i saw the missing amount at first.
huhu how come leh?
i called Maybank and report to Cimb after that, the money will only be deposited in my account in a MONTH. pretty dayem sad.

but my dad said
"ngam la juga, anggap seja kna simpan dalam account, supaya ko tia guna2"

make sense, somehow.

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