Thursday, October 21, 2010

Im okay now :)

i should be on the bed, lying n resting now.. but it gets really sick to just lie all day long.
so, here i am : BLOGGING. lol

short update:
i was hospitalized since last week for some un-known reason &

im HOME, FINALLY!!!!!!
it's been really hard for me to go through those days but THANK God, all of my dearly person were there, helping and lifting me up, tho i feels so wanna give up!

Thank You to my dearest Family :)
Mum, Dad, Bros & sisters for everything. for taking care of me 24 Seven.
you guys are the BEST i ever had!

Thank You to my dearest Cousins, Girlfriends, Guy-friends, Aunties, Uncles, Bed-neighbors and everyone who text, calls and prayed for me. There's nothing else i can say for your utmost attention and care, but

& to those who get hurts when im happy ; May God bless you :)

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Franky Boy said...

glad to hear that u r ok now.. plz take a good care of yourself..