Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kursus Asas Keusahawanan Siswazah

i attend an entrepreneur course last week which ended yesterday.. phew!! *tired* this course actually for a entrepreneur wannabes.. it was my friend who suggested me to participate it and yeah... the tiring days worth for the knowledges i gained :P
This course stressed on Agriculture activties like fishing, modern farming and stuff like that since it was focus on that.. and we have one week to learn about this matter, do a business plan and present it on the last day..
24th-29th November 2008

Hubby sent me to register in UiTM. We were divided into 4 groups and im lucky group number 2. Then we were given a briefing about what should we do and not do. aaaahh, we have to wear Baju Kurungs everyday.. uhuh.. luckily i brought more than 1 pair and the activities went on from 8am until 11pm.

i shared my room with my ex-roomate Sharon, Nursiah and Jane.. *Happy* and the first activity was the Ice Breaking (acara wajib).. it was rather different from the traditional way it used to be, like standing at the front and introduce yourself.. bla..bla.. this time, we had to draw our picture BUT in Power Ranjers mode annndddd with a left hand ( right for the left hand ).. Cant u imagine how would it be?? haha.. im not good in drawing even in left hand!!
so, i drew. And this how it looks.

I know.. i know... i dont even know how exactly power ranjer look alike. My groupmate said, just draw what you know.. haha.. Hehe.. then the Lecturer asked us to stick it at our back.. and gave us 5 minutes for the students to comment it, we must have at least 5 comments.

and ive got these:

1. Pendekar Bujang Lapok
2. Pasang antena wireless ka ni?
3. apa ni? macam mahluk asing
4. ni alien dari planet mana ni? ekeke
5. alien ka ni hehehe..

The comments make me smile indeed. No one ever said it looks like power ranjer. haha.. and this some of my friend's

And we have to defend or correct the comment if we agree or not on what they wrote. basiaclly, it is about knowing yourself better, draw it in picture .. i guess? hehehe i was laughing still, the moment the lecturer mentioned the objective of doing so. hehe

We also made a modern farmer' dress from white papers and the thing we must have were cangkul ( dunno what in english :P ), sweat, farmer's hat and name.

our model was Cyrierine, shes good in catwalk hehe.. and im the narrator or the one who talked to the audience of what makes us different from other group.. hehe we made a modern cangkul, sarong, handphone, small pocket for handphone, hat and sweat.

Our cangkul has three functions :P
with a click of different button, it can

1. menyangkul .. wajib kan
2. Risen or siram tanaman.
3. play songs or MP3 hahaha.. so, the farmer wont feel boring. haha

and monday, tuesday and wednesday's afternoon at 4pm, we'll have this exercise or games. really Fun!!! ( Thurs and friday we have to concentrate in doing or business plan )


the last games we had was this " harimau "( tiger ).. yang mau nyanyi " pukul brapa harimau datang.. ".. it was really funny and fun!! the day before i was a tiger and i didnt managed to catch any!! haha.. i did catch one, i was grabbing his hand when he said " Ninie.. kita satu kumpulan laaa" huhuhu.... silap ba pula.. huhu.. tlampau siok mau bubut urang kan..

then, the next day, i was the chicken.. hehe so funny that we had to run so fast to avoid the tiger catch us. I saw my friend, Jane, the tiger looking at me .. like " hehehe... jaga ko ninie.. sa tangkap ko karang.. hehehe " .. and i ran before the lecturer told us so haha

basically, we cannot run until the bukit.. but we still did ran climbing it.. and sweat,sweat,sweat ooo .. there were 2 girls running until to the TOP and SCREAMING while running like theres someone chasing after them but actually NONE. It was so funny that even the lecturer cannot stop them..haha

And the other games were : Finding money, know your budget, aerobik, chopstick with marbles and so on.. :)

The rest of the days, we've been busy doing our business plan, and we chose to produce kerepek ubi, bayam and pisang.. we supposed to choose Soya Bean but changes happen last minute.. Soya bean need to collaborate with the international and many procuders need to be taken.. cause Malaysia didnt produce Soya bean but import from outside ~ china, japan and korea.

im the marketing manager, and my job is to do the marketing strategies in promoting our product.. lots and lots of things to do. one of them is to advertise it in blogspot :P cause it's free.

We present the business plan on saturday morning... huhu nerveous ni.. but i think we did well altho our financing manager predict we'll having losses for 3 years.. waaaa!! huhu..

The best presentation award goes to my buddy, Nursiah's group.. weeee... happy for her!! Their product is all about Frogs. Best ni dorang menang!! My group finished the business plan only at 5.00am.. Some even didnt sleep until the day of the presentation..*phew*
We've won the aerobik hehehehe.... *happy*.. thanked to the Womanizer and Alizee's songs.. :P

This is some of the pics include :)

The view from our room!!!!!! we can see the ocean and the pelabuhan :)

Nik with seventeen mag and her milo :)

did i tell you that we can have this wireless access in our room? :P hehehehee

but only certain time.. huhu..

overall, im happy to participate this course.. Agricultures can makes BIG profit!!... :) and is actually one of the highest income contribute in Malaysia.

thats all i can say here! :)

wanna see movie after this :P
take care

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