Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bid Goodbye?

So, ive done my second last paper today, and oo uu oo uu ( if u get whatta mean ) : The first time in my life i felt so terrible! I should take enough rest but things happen so just wished for the BEST :)

got a shocked news today from my dear one,
keep praying things will be FINE
* finger-crossed *
and sister went to fetch me near 6pm, we went for mee gorengs and groceries shopping @ Giant Mall nearby, we chat along the way : from menggatal to Likas.. So much to talk about and i love sharing her EVERYTHING .. almost :P
and i packed my stuff already today! weee.. so, im going to miss these:
Cooking in our room :P

some stuff placed in my EX-room :)

My belief
study table

Pic on the board : me and my cousin

Pic on my wardbore : something to makes me smile :D

my pinky stuff

Oh, this how a girl hang her clothes in the room. i mean, wet clothes!

Where our heels are placed.

This is our saving on July! we make a deal to use RM2 only in a week and u can guess who lost the deal. hahaha

My calender!
My stuff ready to go! haha.. this is only part of it!

and the one im going to miss also ..

My roomate for the past 2 years : shared my stories, share laugh together, cooked together :) Sharon Ronny.

" Goodbye Doesnt Mean Forever "

To be continued..


♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

sa tertarik sama the way you hang baju basah.. hahahaa.. really inspiring ;-p and you love pink stuff too? welcome to de cluuubbb~!! ^_^

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

hehehe.. ya, in luv kunun ni sama pink :P hehehe... haha, and for the hanging clothes welcome to the club tooo :P haha

Sharon said...

ninie...huhu...sedih ni...jan ko bgitu...siow sa x hug ko td after kita hbs career talk...nanti nagis ba...huhu...

thank u for being my roomate for almost 2 years ninie...thank u so much!