Friday, November 14, 2008

Moscow girls run glamorous race

Im here again, still blogging and my eyes cant sleep, tho im suppose to open my books now :) lemme just take my time.. hehe
So, heres another thing i wanna share with you, probably because i think this is fun + crazy and weird, moscow girls run in glomorous race and with HEELS, ya with HIGH HEELS.
Guys : Listen, girls with heels doesnt mean they cant do 'guys thing'. seriously, look at these :

The lady with a dress and heels won!
Oh my, im impressed!!
Give credit to them!

P/s : Dare you run wt ur Vincci + Nose heels??

so, Ninie signing off at 1.54 am.

Nitey nite (^_^)


aki said...

Uik hahaha..lumba Rarik pakai kasut tinggi..aneh neh..uhahaha first time sia nampak oh..hahaha

Mama Mia said...

like this also can ka? this definitely not my sport...;)

kalu jatuh, terseliuh trus o kaki..

belleOFranau said...

tapi ni memang ada ni setiap tahun kan..ada keluar TV dulu... ^_^