Monday, November 17, 2008


so, yesterday, me and my dear planned to go jogging this morning at 6 am and usually if im in holiday, i dont wake up that early to be honest.. :P Im excited indeed cause the last time we planned to jog, it was rained and we didnt go.

and my alarm did rang this morning at 5.30 am but i snoozed and slept again, until my sister waked me up and say " Uii, bukan ko mau pigi jogging ka tu ni ari? "

it was 6.36 am already!! OMG! i looked at my digi Hp, no incoming messages. surely my dear messaging me in my Celcom so me kelam kabut take the phone ( which is still charging ) and SMSing him. lambat suda!! waaaa...

*incoming SMS*

Him: Dear, gud morning.. wake up?
Him: Dear, wan go jog?
Him: Dear .. :)
Him: Dear.. me go jog ody :) u sleep ja la a..
Me : Huhuhu.. bru tbgn.. huhu
Him: Sa bru mau jalan, masi wan go?
Me : Wan!!!!! Jap2..

Hahaha.. the fastest shower i ever had hahaha.. and we went to Tun Fuad Stephen Bukit Padang, most of the joggers were old chinese folks, some even played the radio with this traditional chinese song ( i guess?) and exercising.

Mom called me this morning and i told her im jogging, she goes " waa.. tambah kurus la ko tu ".. the same answer.. ooo, she knew me well. we went Penampang for breakfast and we had this dim sum.. huhu.. my favourite food ever.. it cost Rm2 each plate and hubby said it's cheaper 50 cent compare to the other place.. yumie ba.

I think if you're around KK, maybe you should spent some times to go Tun Fuad Stephen for jogging.. it's a nice place.. or Likas there.

im free.. holiday :P hehe..i know, i post it already but i still wanna say that im freeeeee.... :D
take care


Mama Mia said...

wah sioknya holiday..jelesnya! ;p

look at those dim tempting..

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

RM2 bah niniejane? di mana tuu? selalu sa pi makan paling murah pun RM2.50.. aiseh ko pi jogging aa.. kadang2 sa pun p jog sana tu.. manatau kita tebejumpa kan ^_^ bila lagi ko mo pi jogging sana?

suedonim16 said...

wow! "Tun Fuad Stephen" is indeed a great place for jogging. i'd jog everyday if i'm somewhere near that place (& hope to shed all my extra pounds, lols.)

have a great week, Ninie! =)

Rosie said...

eeeeeeeeeeee. my bro mcm sweet jak nie.. haha XD

belleOFranau said...

waa...sadap...ko makan di tempat yang ko ambil ka tu..di mana tu..manatau klau sy balik sy mau pigi ^_^