Monday, November 3, 2008


waa! dua paper sd done and so glad hehehe... tinggal 3 paper lagi. huhu.. dis sunday wil be the 3rd and another 1 week before pulang kampung.. banyak suda plan ni sama clasmate sa mau p mansau.... tatap tu! tapi i dont go home early, da kursus keusahawan lagi kunun sa ikut ni d kampus.. semangat ging. hehehehehe

and i suppose to go jogging today.. ekeke.. with my laling one, dia yang semangat bawa.. i told my dear sister sama mami pasal tu tadi, skali dua2 dorang cakap "uii, makin ko kurus tu!".. huahaha tagap kaki adala.. ekeke tapi tiba2 hujannn.. waaa... baru sa semangat skali tia dapat pigi ni. da paper lagi ba, tia buli kana sakit hehe.. nantila :D hehe

and i have to go buy a gas for my portable gas.. smlm sdg syok2 kami guring ayam, tiba2 abis gas ni. tu tempat kami manada service mau antar gas :P hehe.. nasib da 'jiran tetangga' yang bek ati kasi pinjam rice cooker :D hehehe.. nanti sa upload tu gmbr, abis exam dlu. hehe nanti kana 'report' :P

and2.. Rosie tagged me :D i luv tag.. siok lagi mau jwb ni question dari exam punya hehe.. Rosie, thanks ya!

p/s : sa buat the same like urs ar! hehe

Full Name : Raynelda Jane A.
Birthday : July, 3rd 198*
School : Tadika pekan, sk pekan 1, smmsr, uitm
Residency: Ranau
Family : Mum, Dad, 3 brothers, 1 sister, 1 sis-in-law, 1 my dear damien.
Physical appearances: Short and tulang.. waaaaa!
Personality : pendiam sumtime, suka b'stori many time.. ekeke
Good Qualities : very nice to nice people hehe
Bad Qualities : very bad to bad people.. vice versa ba :D
Hobbies : sleeping ( sama kita rosie :P ), music, singing, travelling.
Religion : RC.
Height : short ba.. hehehe
Weight : 45kg
Blood Type : O
Shoe Size : 7. i always love 7 and i dunno y.
Favorite Genre of music : Anykind for my listening pleasure
Favorite Singers : Jay Chou, Chris Daughtry.
Favorite Season : season in the sun. hahaha.. nda ba, em.. any season?
Favorite Food : banyakkk.... buli list ka suma? hehe
Places I want to go : Mount Kinabalu!!! ive stayed there before. My sis promised 2 bring me to Gold Coast ( tia lupa! ), Korea and any other places that ive havent been to..

My ideal lover: can be my bestfriend, loves my family and friends.
My worries as of now : FINAL exam!!!!
First Love : utada hikaru? hehe.. okay2, it was long time before :)
Alcohol Tolerance : Wine.
Drinking Habits : Plain Water and coke. ive been forgotten my soya this time around hehe
Most important
friends : Them and i love them dearly.
Prized Possesion : ermm.. free travelling haha
When I look the best : when i speaks out what inside, for real.
When I look sexiest: erm.. in pajamas? no clue.
What's in your pocket : none.
time drinking : wine and it was at our bestfriend's gathering 4 years before.
Favorite colors : Pink + Blue + white
Thing you want from your significant other : confidence and strength.
Age you want to get married : God's will.
What you do when you're home alone : Ohh.. what girl need to do~ cleaning and of course Sleeping, singing, eating and chating :D
Habits : Talk. Talk and Talk.
Highest placement in school : hehe..1st? it was in primary, okay hehe
Difference between men and women : Men thinks straight to conclusion, Women think other way round to conclusion. When a man went to a jungle, he just sees a forest but a woman sees it as more than a forest.
If you were born again, man or woman : woman! cause i love wearing skirts :P hehe
What you think you were in your previous life : Im a guy hahahaa..
If the person you loved cheated on you : give him a way. what goes around, comes around.
Favorite show: Ellen degenerous. CSI, Des Hwives, Supernatural, Gossip Girl.. hehe
What you want to do when it rains : Sleeping!! hehe.. nope, treat myself with a hot chocolate drink :) i love some ppl say : i like walking in the rain cause nobody's sees im crying wee.. sian ni.
If you were on a deserted island, what you take : City Mall! haha
How many kids : too soon to predict.
Who do you want to see the most: Rain and JayChou.. :P
Favorite snacks : honey potatos!
Allowance : FAMA ( father and mother )
Favorite restaurants : kadai cina. da lap chong! hahahaha
To be dumped or do you dump: Both decision :)
Why did you write the answer to the question above : cause it is the fact. Fair and Square.
What I want right now : Vacation and bew handbags!
When do you think you’ve grown up : i am :)
Country you want to go to : all the places ive never been to.
What you think about other people :
Different people, Different Personalities.
What would you do if you confessed to a girl: Be friend. ihave my runcie now and he's a guy :)
Place you want to go with your other : If ive been to all places in the glob, i'll go marikh then.
Ideal vacation spot :Gold Coast. thankiu ar kobie! :P
TV show : refer above.
I feel happy : when i score all As in my FINAL EXAM this final semester! and makes my mum dad proud!
Most recent movie watched : Forgetting Sarah Marshall. in hostel

Movie watched with the most feeling : Full house, hana kimi, a walk to remember and so on
Could you marry someone else for the person you loved : will i be happy?
What you want to do for the person you love : makes him happy
I want to die when :
the time has come.
You think you’re a player : im old enough to be a player.
If you found 100k in the road : erm... er... hehehe everything happen for a reason!
When you were most hurt : my Grandpa died.
I hate guys that : are extremely egois, misuse.
I hate girls that : cannot deal with the fact and blames you for stupid unrelevant reason, unmature but pretend to be one.
If you were to become invisible : i'll do what i have to do.
When someone makes you mad: @#$%#@!!@@#.. hahahahaha
Favorite saying : live life simple :)
If someone you met for the first time were to ask for you number : i dont give, but ask his back, well courtesy and let see if im going to call.
Nicknames :
First thing you do in the morning : check my phone hehehe

The most important thing in the world : Love, eliminates the boundaries so our Dear one up there wont have headache.. He had enough but never complaint. so, no war please.
When you were happiest : so many!
When you were saddest : I'll sing and i'll say crap things.. hehe
Does anyone hurt you before: who doesnt?
How : People are way to hard to predict my dear
Then : Trust your instict :)
So : Forget but learn. My life is precious enough to forget that stupid things.
Define FAMILY : Know you the most and love you even you are slightly broked.
What are you planning for future : Job!
Your afraid of : worm! gila la dia guyang2!!
If your about to die now : im going to see my grandpa.
Would you consider Plastic surgery : nope.
Who you wanna be : myself, my family, laling one and my GFs with happiness.
Things you wanna do now : Sleeping. i slept at 4am last night and wake up before 7am waaa..
Most embarrassing moments: hahaha! dont wanna tell ya!
You can : do what i can? hehehe
You can't : do what i cant? haha..
You really hate it when : People dont respects the elderly.
You'll judge a person by : i dont judge.
People mostly judge you : how i communicate?
3 words to describe yourself : Crazy, positive and love my mum.
3 words of how people describe you : Crazy hahaha
Are you on diet : im gaining my weight and still do,
Last thing you want to say : pheww!! long-long questions!! now i'd prefer my final examination questions! hahaha


Kobie Vanessa, Kadus Mama, Belle of Ranau, Sharon Bbey :)

guess i have to go. need to take a nap and going out for dinner with my dearest laling one. hehehe..

take care!


Kadus_Mama said...

punyaaaaaaa panjang nie tag!! hahahaha!! matai lah mau buat kalau macam nie..!!
Ninie..kamu bawa gas p asrama??? hahahahaha

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

kadus.. practise hahahaha

belleOFranau said...

waa!!!! baru sy perasan sy kena tagged~~ hehehe..sowy ninie..been busy bah last ari pun boss is not apa lagi...8-5 internet lah..hahahaha..ok sy akan bt ni tagged k ^_^

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

belle, haha.. ko buat ar, exercise tangan ni, panjang tagged dia hehehehe