Monday, November 24, 2008

Last Day of Exam

ok, m not going to talk about the last paper.. cause the same words will be mentioned anyway.. :P.. so, the last day of our exam was on Saturday, 15th wasnt really sad like my bro-in-law expected ( tears and tears.. ) cause we'll be meet up again in our December trip.. i saw laughed and smiled only, some hugging yeah..

heres some of the snaps taken on the last day :

No tears, right?
and i shared my evening with Bbey, Beat, Roses, Cyaen and Gleat with steamboat. we ate alot.. banyak btul kami makan.. even limpas jam doblas suda pun masi lagi sa makan.. hehe.. sedap ba tu sup c bbey buat, bikin berliur juga la.. sambil2 kami makan, we watched this Korean Movie " Witch Yoo Hee ".. Best!!... we placed the laptop front of us, and there we were, 6 of us, b'himpit2 tidur sambil tingu tu movie, ko tau la ni kalau perempuan yang tingu movie.. da extra-soundtrack.. hehe suma emosi tingu.. hehe.. last2, tinggal me, Roses and Beat lagi yang watch the movie till 6am.. dari jam 9pm.. haha.. tu pun kami kasi skip lagi episode yang lain..
and u know what, the 'moo ryong' guy resembles like Jay Chou ni.. hehe..

this is the portable gas im talking about. The one i used to bring in hostel.
Kadus, bukan gas yang basar warna oren tu aa hehe
and the next morning, my dear sister brought me to Pizza.. after a month of struggling my brain, i deserved more than this.. tamaha oo kan.. hehehe.. Greedy...greedy..

yumie juga la, da bendera *Italy ( thx deeeerrr ) sama japan lagi tu.. hehe.. They cannot be eat.. bikin cungkil gigi :P well, see u in the next post!


Runcie said...

bendera italy laaaaa

★ Kobie Vanessa ★ said...

hahhahaha..!!bukan alang2 lagi ah