Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 ~ Year of changes.

hihi.. i just couldnt leave the year huh?
this year was a memorable year for me, ive done some new things and i learnt alot.
firstly ; i learn to eat EGG.
suddenly, i forgot the allergic term.
but still i dont eat prawns.
secondly ; i learn to eat charsau
hehehehehehe... it tastes emm.. nice.
i remember the looked from my buddies when i ordered it last year.
Thirdly ; i learn how to BLOG.
thanks to my sifu Ddie.. :P
Fourthly ; im addicted to Coca Cola
this is a surprise for me cause ive been a soya bean drinker previously.
Fifthly ; i learn how to be an entrepreneuer
by selling mee meggies and snacks in hostel hehe...
we still got customers after midnight.
Sixthly : i went to a holiday trip with my classmates
a farewell party at Borneo Paradise, 2 days 1 night
and KL trip, 10 days 10 nights.
seventhly : i become the Project Manager for a family day of my course
and altho i think i did worse but i still have some memories to share in the future :)
eightly : i participated the entreprenuer course
i learnt alot for that 1 week course :)
Ninthly : ive owned a 3G hp :P
hehehe.. a success for me to pujuk my mum to buy it :P
Tenthly : ( da ka tenthly??? ) learn to love people more and more :)
i cherished sweet times i had :)
nextly : many and many things that i wont forget but wandering in my mind how time cannot be turned back that we have to appreciate the moment we have cause life is damn short to live with regrets and revenges.
if we waste 10 years for regreting the time we wish to have, think how many moments will slip away just like that ~ empty.. and you cannot really remember when the last time you really, i mean REALLY feel happy on that 10 years?
live your moment now,
why should thinking about the past while we can have the future?
we cant changed the previous memories but we CAN with the future.
it's in your hands.
as Rihanna said : Living your life.. ohhh..ohhh...
and as Enigma said : Dont care what people said, just follow you own way..
thats all for today.
Goodbye england Rose.. eh, Goodbye 2008!
asta la Vista!

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Kadus_Mama said...

Hehehee...sama lah kita..tahun 2008 start blogging..
Bah whatever happened in year 2008, i hope you will have a great year in 2009..hope to hear more good news from you..