Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ive got a JOB!!

This is NO lie.
ive got a job.. yeah.
it was a random talk with my buddy actually
i was joking asking her if i can work again at the mountain
and she called me this afternoon with a GOOD news.
one vacant and it's for me :P

back to where i used to be ; 4 years before ; and now im going back there :)
and hopefully, the internet can be used there
so i can blog from the mount kinbalu :P
will climb to Laban Rata this coming 13th.
i dunno if i'll be started working on the same day or next day;
still im worry if i can make it or not ; im not a good climber huhu
my last record was worst and practically ruined my hope to conquer the land in the future,
but i dunno whats on earth that makes me decided to climb it again.
hubby said i should go.
sister said i should go.
mum said if i can climb it again, then y not.
dad said ".. theres a vacant in the Ranau shop : cashier " .. emmm.
3 vs 1.
i choose 3 :P
hope everything will be on track.
m happy today :D
went dating with my precious one.
and we ate alot :
Nasi Ayam for breakfast, Nasi Ayam KFC for lunch and Noodle Set at Chicken Rice Shop for dinner.. hehe
and in the future, if u notice a big-fat-couple walking around with a chicken on the hand : that would be us hahaha
we went for watched movie in 1B : Bedtime Stories acted by Adam sandler ( he's my fav! ).. it was funny ; skeeter + bugsy and Russel the infant sorrow.. RM8 worth for the movie :)
we went for window-shopping.. hehe im lucky 2 have the greatest bestfriend+boyfriend in the world, that he shared the same interest like me :P emm..altho some time he just waits outside the shop.. hehe.. im falling in love with the short pants in the shop~~ if only im afford to buy :(
gagar ba mau nek gunung balik huhu
i love today :) and everything happen on this day. hehe
will take some time to visit your blogs , blogger friends. huhu.. lama sa tia p melawat kan... nanti sa ksi popped cheri ni message box kamu hehe..
take carexoxo


HoneyBUZZin said...

Congrats sebab dpt kerja...tentu sejuk tempat kerja km sana..I hv not try climbing the mount..mayb bcos I lack confidence and I had some injury due to a fall few years back..tapi ok ba...klu km penah cuba daki itu gunung. Anyway...good luck ..jgn lupa visit honey..jgn pop cheri..drop HONEY ja..huhu..Xoxoxo missing u. takeC

Gallivanter said...

Cool, now I know who to contact should I EVER decide to climb Mt K. :-) Congrats on the job!

Kadus_Mama said...

Aisehhhh..congrats for starting work again..!! nanti ko blogging live dari atas gunung ah ninie..hehehe

Mama Mia said...

Congrats on your new job Ninie. All d best to your journey naik gunung..:)

Bagus tu utk tambah stamina & physical strengh utk join the next Amazing Race Asia...hehe..

Ken.MrsGraig said...

sya mo naik gunung ni thn tp tia tau bila..nti sa ctau ko..hehe

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

Honey ~ ala, sayang ooo kan.. hows skg? ok sd? buli suda nek gunung tu hehe

Gallivanter ~ hehe thanks for visiting my blog. o yes, surely i can help u to make a reservation. or maybe u can log on to this web :

kadusmama~ haha.. semangat ni mau keja tapi tia semangat mau nek gng huhu... paling lambat lagi sa ni hehehehe

Mama mia ~ hahaha... buli ikut suda ni amazing race, tapi lambat siap la hahahaha...thx btw :)

mrs graig ~ hehe sa blik suda tmpat asal ni hehehe.. meh2 nek. nanti kasitau sj kalau nek aa... mana tau tjumpa :)

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

waaa.. congrats ninie for the new job.. bawa banyak2 baju panas untuk tahan sejuk hehe.. bila start?

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

annieming ~ hehe.. thx.. 13th nek gng suda huhu.. tapi tia tau dapat tahan nek ka tdk ni hehe