Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i need a class for english.

i went to Wisma today for an INTERVIEW! ( Figure which Wisma )
and i was Nervous + blur + curious
something i just cannot explain in words.

my twin-name-bro is a drifter wannabe.
1 hour from Ranau to KK ( i swear )
no, he didnt drift along the way, but he speed as someone chasing us.

ooo, the interview!
ive waited until 2pm for that,
and i felt the butterflies dancing in my stomach with Pitbull song. who can imagine.

they asked me 99.8% in English.
i felt like a primary-one girl learning how to speak english.
more worst???? i kept mumbling alone continue with MANY 'emm...'
im stuck at the front of the interviewer like a dumb ass.
I even mixed the languages.. ( e.g they handle the peralatan-peralatan )

i think i did worst.
but i tried, didnt i?

" we'll call you tomorrow to tell you what we've decide"
" okay.."


but i didnt hope that high.
i know, big chances ~ i didnt make it
and weird but somehow it makes me smile :P

garang ba bos dia :P

another story for a day.

thanks to bbey :)
among all of us, she remembered me for the post :)
im touched :'(

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Sharon said...

You are welcome ninie..:)