Saturday, January 17, 2009

Paris Hilton eat Hinava, who can imagine?

Update! hehe.. heres another tag from shaf :)

"Fill in the ____'s"

I would never ____in public: pee
I have more than one_____: brother.
I have never seen a_____: president of USA
I hate when people say______: eww, whats wrong with your face??
I laugh at people when:_______: they made me laugh.
I could never________: trade my memories for anything.
I love everything but________: wars and pain.
I sometimes I wish_______was legal: went overseas without ticket and im not a crew.
I would hate it if someone ever____: badmouthing me at my BACK.
I would be heart broken if______ : Jay Chou finally get married.
I think Paris Hilton should_______: try the hinava/Beseu made from Sabah :P
I have never said______in my life: God bless America
I ate______before on accident: Rabbit. i was 8-9 that moment.
I forgot my______: Purse in KL. ( Urrrgh! )
I will never forget my_______: Dad's name. i wont.
I "LOL" every time someone says______: funniest words.
I cry almost every time I_________: am at my self-down moment.
I get so mad when i see people_______: who are egos.
I think everyone should_________: respects to human-kind and the nature.
I wonder if teachers_________: ever regret for choosing their career?
I never thought i would try__________: to climb the mountain when i had no physical preparation!!
I hate when my girlfriend/boyfriend_______: is not listening to me.
I would never eat___________: snakes!
I wish i would be on the TV show________: American Idol as a judge.
I think the fashion industry is_________: blast from the past.
I feel models are just too__________: anorexic.
I hope my kids are always________: respects to the adults and love their parents ~ so much.
I never would wish__________: Mount Kinabalu to get taller each year.
I think this survey is________: fine.
I would die without__________: my soul hehehe
I think my stereotype is_________: likely girly.
I think my parents think I'm a_______: weak and i hate that.
I would__________do a survey like this again: be eager to
If i hear________one more time I'll______: i'll be loved for the rest of my life, be damn Happy.
I just wanted to say__________: im hungry and need to eat.

take care xoxo

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