Friday, January 23, 2009

Ive got a call!!

it was at 2 something this afternoon,
i thought i'll never get that call, seriously.

i didnt get that job, yet
but she told me to go back there again tomorrow for a discussion ; i guess.
hubby said it is a second interview to decide IF im suit for the post.

*Cant think anything*

and oya,
for some other reason, i dont work in Mt Kinabalu anymore.
i miss that place so badly.

need to expand my experience in the field i studied before.

happy friday everyone!
ari nam cuti suda.. hehehehe buli p suping cny suda tu.
ba, take care aaar

1 comment:

Sharon said...

hi ninie, actually sy mmg tau suda u will get the job.hehe..I can feel it.. that evening yg ur 2nd interview tue,my uncle ckp the way u speak shows yg u r a competent person dia blang..hehe.. bah, anyway keja bagus2 lor.. ok... all the best for your future undertakings...