Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pelupa is me

i went out early today.. and im sooo glad that ME NINIE finally is a legal malaysian!! hehehe.. oohh u dont wanna know about it.. hehe so, dad urged me to do my resume and things like that ; and i did. yeah~ i AM serious to get a job hihi

basically i went to cc today~ since the internet wasnt working at home, my brother said it was the power supply who caused the pc cannot be swicthed on. bla..bla.. then, it's really hard to find a cc with a Printer service here in ranau, oohh trust me, memang susah.

then i went to this cc, ive never been before and theres this person smiling ~ like welcoming me at the first place. so i goes like :

me : hey, dapat ka internet sini??
the owner : ada,
me : laju ka?
the owner : ada, knapa.. * and still smiling.
me : da printer ka sini?
the owner : ni * pointing the printer
me : buli print ka?
the owner : printer kan.. buli la
me : oo ok. sa mau men

and he still smiling, i was like.." what???"

the owner : ko btul2 tia ingat sa suda oo kan
me:.. ..........
the owner : ba2..
me : astaga... roy ka???????
the owner : yaba..
me : astaga... sa tia kanal o... knapa ko makin gumuk??? ko suda kwin ka??

it was my schoolmate since primary.. haha i really dont recognized him. hihi.. but nasib dia masi knal sa... me and my buddies used to bullied him back then, now he owned a cc already oo. so, should apologize him for the cases. hehe..

but anyway, ya it's me the winner of pelupa award. hihi

well, thats all for today hihi..

to hubby, studi kuai2.. hehehe

take carexoxo

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Kadus_Mama said...

hahahaha!!! besa lah bah tu..sia pun selalu macam tu juga..orang kenal sia..tapi sia nda kenal orang..hehehe