Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wedding cheers - Uncle Mailson Mahap and Avelyn :)

Congratulations to my Uncle Mailson for his wedding last year :)
We went to Topokon, Tuaran on December 29th 2008 for the reception.
and expected time arrived was at 2.05pm,
it's a long journey i can tell hihi..
but the view was nice.. all the green-trees covered the land, im a nature lover remember? :P
the theme was : White and black.
me wears white.
hubby wears black.
it means : angel vs devil.
but we still can nicely get along, so no worries :P
my ahki, mama, uncle & aunties from Kota Marudu were there.
they Dont wear Whites!!
us from Ranau wears white. well, almost :)
We danced alot.
Dancing :P
Finally, i learn how to dance poco-poco.. hehe
and, it's my FIRST TIME saw hubby dance sumazau!!!!
hehe.. sporting oo dia menari ni, sama yang twist hehehehe
and my cousin menghayati all the tarian so much.
if only i captured her face that moment.. hihi
and we went home around 6pm.
us going back KK.
Me, Hubby, Kobie and Roxanne headed to Tg Aru Beach after that for dinner :P
and mum dad went home Ranau.
overall, it was a nice wedding.
cause it was my FIRST TIME sang and dance in a wedding party.. hahaha

i duno whats wrong with the uploader.
i try to upload more pics but bikin kasi tinggi darah sja ni..
nanti2 sa kasi upload kio.
again, congratulations to them :)
may they live happily ever after.

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Mahapson said...

aduuiii....ada juga kena masuk di Blog... haa..haa.. Thanks for coming. siok betul bah kita tu hari kan.... kmu pun enjoy betul menari tu hari... haa..haa my first time nampak kau menari... haa..haa. well, sya dgr2 Uncle maijol mahu buat lagi konon khawin kmi di Kota Marudu. Bulan Mac konon. 8hb Mac mungkn. sya pun tdk pasti betul, samar2 aje sebab uncle maijol yg atur semua tu... hee..hee nanti klu masu dekat2 sya kasi tahu kmu juga ah....