Friday, August 28, 2009

Cikgu Sejarah!

Went out from the office around 5.30pm yesterday, i was walking to Dd's car when there's this woman around 40's, walking towards me, looking straight at me..her face shows that she trying to recall if she's ever knew me.

is she the cikgu back in secondary?

" Cikgu kaaa?? "

she goes " iyaaa.. eeee.. lama suda sa tia nampak kamu oo "

11 YEARS? i was in her class back in 1998. Where the history remarked.

" yaba.. lamaaa suda oo cikgu.. brapa suda anak cikgu?"

" Dua suda ba.. im no longer working as a teacher oo.. "

" Hah? jadi cikgu bukan cikgu lagi? [ weirdo! ].. jadi cikgu buat apa sekarang? "

" hehe cikgu business.. ko tau DCL? sa dapat dua kereta suda, 1 DMX, 1 Ninja.. btul tau tu business "

Wow! AND the vehicles were sponsored by her company!
Gila kan.. well, we talked for few minutes, ex-change number.
i miss her anyhow.

the thing i will never forget about her is : she punished the whole class cruelly : wakakaka! she did actually. It was the GUYS' fault! They replaced the teacher's chair with the broken chair, hoping to see the teacher will fall down if she sits on it, we - the so-innocent GIRLS, basically dont have any idea about their plan! Few minutes later, the teacher went in, greeted the class and when she was about to sit on the chair, her bag accidentally hit the chair, and BOOM! the chair falling on the floor! She looked at us, disbelief and started yelling at us!

She brought the matter to the discipline office and punished all the guys in my class - ordered them to open their uniforms [ except the pants ] and bring their chairs to the netball's field, which happen to be situated right in the centre of all the classes! So, with their naked upper body, they standing on the chair and trying hard to cover their faces. hahaha! The funny thing was, my two girlfriends were also in the same line standing with the guys. One of my classmate report to Cikgu how these two girls being mean to her and that's why, they should be punished too! Pelapor ni haha The rest of us, stay inside the classroom and CRYING! wakakaka! Funny how it seem! The Cikgu threatened to call our parents and " Cikgu kasi black list nama kamu semua! " hehe..

Masi budak2 lagi tu masa..skrg tua suda huhu.. Anyway, have a great day blogger friends. See u



reanaclaire said... naughty guys brave ... during my time, we girls all scared scared of teacher one.. our discipline teacher was a very fierce lady.. see her face also scared...

kenwooi said...

wow.. meeting back cigku after so long.. i feel like meeting my school teachers again! =)

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

Rena, Hahaha yes, indeed our class was the worst disciplined during that moment, even the nice2 girls also got the titled. huhu maybe your teacher was much fierce than ours, that's why no one dare to do dirty trick kan? hehe

Kenwooi, yup. i almost cant recognize her hehe =)