Monday, August 17, 2009

Congratulations! You're the lucky person today!

Me : Excuse me?

Him: is this Raynelda? Im Mohd Nizral / Rizal [ i forgot! ] calling from **** Bank ya, i want to tell you that you're our lucky person today! congratulations!

Me: .. okay..

Him: Only selected people will get this offer from our bank, it's about the insurance. We will cover if there's any unfortunate incident happen, like, accident, bitten by a snake.. bla bla bla bla.. You only have to pay us RM50 per month, which will be deducted from your saving account.

Me: Ohh... im sorry but im kinda busy now.

Him: Do you have any insurance miss?

Me: ya..

Him: i am sure you pay your insurance more expensive ya, and should be know that RM50 is the cheapest.

Me: Oh okay, can you fax or e-mail to me all the details?

Him: Oo miss, this insurance is doing through electronic only. So, if you agreed to have this insurance, then we can send you the details / terms & condition later on.

Me: I cannot decide now since there's no "hitam putih" now .. i have to see and read the details before i decide to apply. i thought E-mail is electronic too?

Him: miss, this conversation is being recorded now. We will send to you after you say yes.

Me: for now, only your side has this record right?

Him: Okay, tell me miss, what's the problem? is RM50 too expensive for you? How about RM40? you only need to pay RM40 per month.

Me: and all the coverage still the same?

Him: Yes.

Me: Nope, thanks.

Him: miss, you will regret you dont take this opportunity. Peluang tak datang hari-hari kan..

Me: yes, but nope, thanks.

Him: miss, are you sure?

Me: yes, thanks. sorry.

Him: okay la miss, terima kasih kerana meluangkan masa!! [ in anger voice! ]

if you're in my place, you would do the same.. right?
what if he cheats me?
skarang, orang mau cari duit, macam-macam cara suda o kan :P

ive found this image in

i think it's pretty hilarious! I used to tease my youngest brother that i can hang my clothes' hanger in his ear, but wee.. now i can teased him with hanging my handphone!

Cheers! :D



Anonymous said...

wahhh macam² suda cara org mo tipu skrg....kalau dulu men sms ja...skrg ni berani telefon suda....siap mengugut lagi tuh.....sepatutny if dia btl² from bank ...he should greet u nicely and if u refuse pun he should greet u nicely juga......budu jg that guy.....kalau suda dia ckp u are one lucky person today and selling / introducing / bla bla bla insurance.....why have to pay.....tu sama jg if u go to other insurance agencies....u have to pay every month juga...then thats not lucky......thats something fishy.....byk lg yg can cover us esp women and pay lower dari tu....then from RM50 buli pla dia diskaun RM40.......any insurance expert out there???? can comment on this ka???

*but then dont kasi salah penipu COZ kerja dia memang MENIPU......

(^_^) cheers Ninie.....

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

heheh connie, btul2!! dia mara lagi ba sa tia mau ambi, buli2 lagi dia kasi turun pigi RM40 tu, pdhal masi sama lagi kunun suma tu kana cover. brabis dia kasi convince sa tu yang sa lucky person.

hahaha, yakan.. memag penipu kerja dia menipu.. tapi mcmana dia dpt number sa, fullname lagi tu.. -_-

thanks connie ^^