Sunday, August 9, 2009

Malacca, the historical City.

On 3rd August, my friend Eil asked me about the plan for the next day .. and i quickly said " shopping! "

well, the next morning, she woke me excitedly saying;

Ninie!! bangun!! kita pigi Melaka!!

i looked at her, disbelief..

Eil, ko serius ka ni?

and goes to bed again.

the next 20 minutes, she woke me again. with the laziness wrapped my whole body and mind, i made myself to the shower and dress up. Sitting emotionless on the chair, i asked her
Eil, pigi Sg. Wang la kan?
She looked at me and said
Eii.. ni budak!! pg Melaka ba.

but we went anyway. We went to Puduraya for a bus to the historical city. I was sleeping along the way, 2 hours later, we arrived at the Melaka Sentral. The two of us had our lunch and straightly took a bus to the Red House.
The place looks beautiful with all the historical buildings covered the land.. It almost looks the same like Kuching, except, in Melaka, the building are red.. that's why they called the place " Red House " Oh, Eil's friend, Yollah took us walking around. She's nice! :D
Here some pictures :

A Famosa

we noticed some Rambutans on the tree along the way - Sakai?

Yes, i took this picture because of the name. JANE CHARLOTTE.

me and Yollah, our Melaka Tour Guide ^^

the short journey was nice, we managed to catch our bus to kl. It was indeed, funny, the moment we ran and chased the KKIP Bus! I felt like another episode of Amazing Race, except that we carry no big bag! The driver looked at us and stopped the Bus, checking our ticket and laughing inwardly, we sat on a random seat. Red faces from the Red House.

well ladies and gentlement, have a great monday!

^^ Til then, Tata!

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Connie said...

wah best nya....bila² pun leh bjln...beautiful kan melaka...even small area ja but beautiful...but i still adore sabah...even byk pti....hehe