Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The ugly truth!

Woke up soo late today! 9.27am, running on my heels to the lift, hoping i could reach the office fastest. But my stomach craving for a food, and i have to stop at 6th floor for breakfast! Reached office 10 minutes before 10am. My boss staring at me, asking ' what happen to you this morning' .. i goes ' overslept ' and she just shaking her head. I should've answer better!

Last night, Didie's mum fetched me at home around 7pm, for BBQ at his home, and went back around 12.45 am. we had a Bailey's session, i cant remember how many glasses i finished. probably 3-4? Few ya. Bailey's Original, Caramel & Mint Chocolate - and the nice one, still original. It taste goods with more ice :P i cant differentiate it with Teh C Ping at the first place, i really thought it was just a tea. but then again, it helps me goes to sleep - very nyenyak!! :)

Oh, i havent give the letter yet.

Probably should be today. or tomorrow. Courage, where are you!

Anyway, have a great day guys :)


Mama Mia said...

bah, silap2 Boss ko duluan kasi ko surat 'cinta'...hehe..

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

hehe yaba kan, siok jugala.. tia payah fikir mcmana mau bagi surat ni hehe