Saturday, August 1, 2009

When the mind starts to react differently.

What if there's something so serious you should have know but you didnt know? What if it's already too late the moment you knew the truth?

The curiosity took me over, for a moment, i decided to let things just go with the flow. There's a changes of him that deeply disturbed me. We cannot always be the same, yes i know.. but from his sparkle brown eyes, ive seen something.


for times our eyes met together, that was the first time i saw it differently. I instantly saw the change in his countenance when i started asking what happen. or maybe i m just over thinking? i dunno, but well, i need to purge myself, not hold this matter even longer to fester or else, it cause unnecessary problems later on. all i know, i love him still =)

I'll be off to kl in this evening,
hopefully this short holidays cleanse my mind for a better sake ^^

til then,
have a great weekend guys! :D
Tata ^^

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