Friday, August 7, 2009

The stupid man and.. yes, it's my sister birthday :D

Back to work *sigh*

Anyway, my holiday was.. awesome! shopping is the next best thing you can do to heal your soul hahaha true? LOL.

i went to Petaling Street a day before we departed to KK.. and the bad news is : me and friend were cheated by the stupid man a.k.a taxi's driver. I quarrelled about the Taxi's fee but he insisted saying - it's our fault. RM79.80 from Bukit Bintang to Petaling Street?? How come? He surely had lost his brain somewhere in the longkang! oh, we did asked him about the fee at the first place but he said " Guna meterla " which in fact, should be cheaper. Yes, you can totally guess how i felt that moment! he intentionally locked us inside the cab until we handed him the money. I forgot what i had yelled to him, all i know was, he yelling at us too! Stupid man!

Luckily, we managed to jump out from the green cab before he doing something bad! I remember his stupid face clearly, but not the taxi's number.. means, i forgot to write down his taxi's number. *Sigh* but i did called the Hotel Istana on the same day to track the stupid man's movement since he mentioned to us that, he was on his way to pick up his guests from the Hotel at 2.30pm! The front office ladies promise to return my call! .. still waiting..i cant wait to complaint about his stupidity.


i was really moody that morning, and end up buying 3 Kg of Longan haha mau kasi hilang tu tekanan kunun.. padahal Godoot!! LOL!!

mau makan sambil marah-marah ba, so Longan should be the perfect choice! hehe

Well, Well.. Later that evening, we planned to surprise my dear sister by invited her friends to come over! I pretend to call the room service, so when the friends knocking, she would guess it's the room service.

and she did believed it! ahaha.. she was really-really shocked to see her bestfriends were standing at the door with the dear cake.. singing,

" Happy birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To Kobie, Happy Birthday To You!! "

She Goes,

"Astaga!! Astaga!! Astaga!!... sa tia tau pa mau buat, huhuhu sa nangis la! "

hahaha.. she almost burst in tears or, did she?

i cant remember, cause we spent the whole evening with laughing! :D

her bestfriends really fantastic! Sporting! and Happening! Thanks to Joy, Paige, Leng and Jane !! We'll do it again next year, we'll fly to KL again to see u girls XD

to my dear sister,
Happy Birthday To You 6880!


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