Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Forgetful Lady!

My Boss came to me this morning and asked:

Her: So.. you did it already?
Me: *looked at her* Ya....
Her: Okay.. good!

Few second later, i stopped myself from typing, thinking " Did what? " and asked my colleague

Me: Poh, pa M****** suru tadi?
Poh: telefon Skynet.
Me: Astaga.
Poh: jadi yang ko cakap Ya tadi??
Me: * smiling *
Poh: Ninie!! ko mengelamun ka ni?!
Me: hehehehe

Right, im such a forgetful person.
and as a record, this is not the first time!

i need medicines to cure this problem,
or else, i'll be walking around someday, in the public, naked.
Uhh nightmare!


1 comment:

Mama Mia said...

LOL..banyak pikiran mangkali ko Ninie? tu la jadi pelupa..

Anyway, don't forget to put on clothes b4 u leaves the hse..otherwise, u'll cause major chaos in the city, girl! LOL