Monday, August 24, 2009

Decision and Toasting :)

Back to work!

Oh, fyi.. i decided to quit my job this month! pretty sad cause i started to like this job, but i have to move on to a new direction and starts filling my times with the job im supposed to work with. Complicated yet describable. Weird to say, i feel sorry for the bos.. she seems to be so warm-hearted recently, and i dont wanna break her heart with my letter. cheh! mcm dia sedih haha.. she surely will be mad at me. Since she asked me to work here in this tourism company, at least 2 years.

2 years?

Hopefully, i have the courage to send the letter by this evening! * crossed finger *

Anyway, went to Magellan Ballroom @ Sutera Habour last Saturday for both Rexie & Josephine's wedding reception. It was lovely, they both looks absolutely gorgeous and Im glad i was there to watch the memorable moment :)

Wish you both for a lifetime happiness!!

p/s: picture taken from Rosie's.. :D Thanks!!

Well that's it for today, til then

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