Tuesday, May 13, 2008


HWK or Hari Warga Kampus is actually a christian gathering for catholic students of IPTA/S held annually.. and i'm glad i've been part of it... YIPEE!! \(^_^)/.. altho it was my first time ( hehe..) but.. still glad anyway hehe.. it was held last year in catholic church St. Simon, Likas.. 3 days, 2 nights! awesome! :) organized by UMS Catholic Student Group ( CSG )..

Here we are, representing CSG UiTM, Sabah.. wt the smiley!! \(^_^)/
The guys really work hard in painting that banner! Good job guys!!

The first day, as usual was a registration day.. Groups were given and i'm lucky group number 1! it's Ice Breaking.. n stuff like that!

the second day, was a praise and worship day.. and the ceramah slot.. it's about " I Love Myself" by Brother Dom.. He even played the song by Whitney Houston, Greatest Love Of All and This is our prayer, Josh Groband and Charlotte Church.. i liked this slot cause both are my fave songs and sumhow, it taught me to appreciate and love myself even more :)

and of course, that's not the only activity that day.. hehe.. that night, we need to perform our performance and once again, CSG UiTM was the lucky number one! we were the first to perform! hehe.. yepp.. each of us brought candles to the stage and it's felt like Christmas in September! hehe.. thanks to the guys from UNITAR who played the instruments for us.. altho it was a bit sumbang mula-mula hahaha... tia masuk tune with the voice baaa.. hehe but hey, they did a great job!! we sang 3 songs.. and i have the microphone my own hehe.. i even said " are you ready guys?? " and it goes twice hahaha.. then, i even miscount the step before it began haha.. suppose, 1 2 3 .. n start singing.. but wat i've done was... " 1 2 3 4 and 4.." hahahhaa.. i can heard my friends tahan ketawa at the back dis hahaha.... but, we've done a great job anyway :P hehe...

with the UNITAR guys who played the instrument :)

The last Day was exchanging book marks and photography.. it was fine, cause i didnt see anyone crying.. hehe.. i cant wait to get back to hostel that moment.. too exhausted!! before go back hostel, me, Sharon, Oshea, Elsie and Ptot sempat singgah at Bristo for beverages! hehe..

The girls from CSG UiTM .. Oshea tsesat joined these gurls..


me, Isaac ( CSG UMS ) and Sharon

the Ladies... Me, Sharon, Elsie and Ptot..

All CSG with the banners.. with Bapa Uskup John Lee

"In Jesus, We Unite"

I'm having a great time there healing and sharing... and looking for the next gathering this september!!

See U in HWK-12!!


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