Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kotobian Tadau Kaamatan!!

I'm glad it's end of the month.. hehe .. cause it's holiday and i can lay all day long with... sleeping.. *wink.. hehe.. and i'm glad i'm HOME!!.. after tired of waiting the taxi for almost 2 hours and the ride for another 2 hours.. finally i'm home.. huhu... although Mum is not here and only my younger brother, Roy welcoming me.. with the empty dinner table, messy living room... still glad somehow :p it takes some times before you really appreciate your own place hehe no other sweet home than my own.....sometimes (^_^)

When i was a child, my Dad used to bring us goin' back kampung to celebrate this harvest festival and nothing compare the excitement and thrill we felt that moment, but seems like the tradition of meeting the relatives, sharing the good times during this harvest festival now is slowly gone by times... i dont even know my own close cousins.. ~ so sad. Some rather spend their times at home ( like me.. ) than celebrate their own culture celebration.. .... what happen? i dont know.... :)

but hey,
It's tadau kaamatan.. and manganu ziau kosivatan diti, papazon doi tompinai ngavi.. kotobian tadau do kaamatan... Arramai tih!! hehe...

Cheers \(^_^)/


Kadus_Mama said...

Happy Kaamatan to you! Do you still remember us at the Community hall watching the finale of Unduk Ngadau??? Hehe and even went for the Gala night?? How much i miss our day last time..

Ninie Jane said...

hehe.. ya!!!! time kobie joined dat.. been ages suda tia jumpa kan.. miss dat time too... huhu

Kobie said...

waaaa...thank u Kadusmama n all for supporting me dat time, aiseh..