Saturday, May 17, 2008

Going back Kampung for 3 days!! :P ..

Finally, after a single SMS from my grandpa.. we balik kampung for 3 days.. hehe.. i had my final exam that monday but Mum still insists me to go with them... ( she's not the one who'll take the paper anyway, so who cares.. ) huhu.. Surprisingly, Dad even asked us to go a day early than the planned day.. ( My Dad is a real creepy in going back kampung! even his own kampung.. so, i wonder what's attracted him :P )..

We reached Kota Marudu in 6.00 sharp in the evening. and yesh2.. i'm goin to see my grandpa... :).. but My Dad wasn't heading to grandpa's... i'm puzzling myself ~ oh, Dad is goin to buy something in the nearest shop... but nope. We even passed the shops. Where he's heading to?..

Then we reached this restaurant " Chien Kong Restaurant ", a chinese but halal restaurant.. and i can saw clearly my uncle and aunt waited there with the biggest smile upon their faces...Geee, they welcoming us ~ nice... :) and guess what? the second thing i noticed was these BEERs bottles "unopened" on the table...huhu (now i know why Dad being so excited balik kampung ) .. huhu.. and the yamcha activity continue until 3 am.. huhu..

The next day, we went to Kudat... :) and me, the only teen, single but not available, joined them jalan-jalan.. hehe.. and of course, i got to meet my Grandparents and my youngest sisters that day.. Finally :)..

Sunday afternoon, Dad and Mum sent me to hostel before they went back home (^_^).. My youngest aunt will get engaged this May, 28th.. so will back again to meet them :)..

A pic of myself and Dad.. :)

A candid pic of me and Mum taken by Dad.. shampoo commercial :P

Me .. \(^_^)/

Me with sweet aunt Molen..

Goin' Back.. :)

>> i really had a great time there :)..

well, surely will be back again..

cheers :)


Sumandak said...

wah!best gila kmu jalan2 ah..wei jeles eh..anyway, hope to balik kg again dis yr..miss KM very much!

Kadus_Mama said...

wewit!! diam2 ko ada blog ni ah.. :)
Wah ur dad gained quite lots of weight oh..

Ninie Jane said...

hahaha.. ya ba, dia brabis mau diet tu suda kadus mama.. hehehe... takut btul dia nampak tua :P...

Ninie Jane said...

hehe.. balik la sumandak heheheee