Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why some married men cant just stay Loyal to their wives????

I dun understand why some husband cant stay loyal with his wife?.. What happen with the promises to stay loyal, trust, love and till death do them part??? Sumhow, the promises remain meaningless..

What happen??.. does love cost that cheap until you can simply give it other person after you promised your love with this woman?? will it be that simple?.. she's your wife mannn!!.. she's no Robot or Equipment!! She do has heart and feeling ...

Most cases, the husband will blame the wife for the mistakes. without knowing how much she's sacrifices.. how much she has cries.. pretending to be alright.. manage the marriage eventho she cant stand the pain... but she still trying to save the marriage..

If your Love has gone, fineeee.. then settle it down.. discuss nicely with your wife..... find another girl without her knowing is a nonsense reason. You'll hurt her even more.

To all husbands out there. Love your wife.. not just by words. She needs you. God made us in pair.. not in triple. Cherish her for you'll never know she might be gone one day.. Cause Life is too short to live with regrets. Appreciate Her.

~Still Dun understand..


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