Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Blues

A week had passed and now, it's Monday!! huhu.. Goin back to KK today, so much things to do.. my class will starts tomorrow but still, i dun have the clue about our new schedule.. hehehe... guess another reason to escape the class.. ~ whoaaa!! ... ( what happen to the new resolution to struggle hard in studies?? :P )..

I'm supposed to have this semester break in fact, but.. my mistakes i admit.. i have to repeat one paper ( sorry dad ).. the one i took in my previous final exam and i decided to take its continuos paper during this break.. after all, lying at home for 2 months will only make me FAT!! hehe.. as usual, hope the best, beat the rest and kick their asses :P ( taken from dear runcie ) hehe...

New Rules for myself..

Commenced Date : May, 20th 2008 ( which is Tomorrow :P )
Completion Date : Unspecified

- No more "Last Minute" in completing the given assignments

- No more "Copy and Paste" the tutorial given :P

- Ask the lecturer more often... ( so, she'll notice i am there, at least a bonus mark for the participation :P )

- Extra effort for sure ... huhu..

>>going to pack my things now.. urgh, why i'm always doing the last minute job??.. huhu


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