Monday, May 12, 2008

Memory In Laban Rata Mount Kinabalu :)

Mount Kinabalu

~ Anyone who don’t have the idea what it is, well… u can simply search in Google.. basically, it is a mountain :P hehe...

South peak :)

the Gorilla look alike peak :)

Stayed and Experienced the mountain life is really a lifetime opportunity.. trust me, it is. Mostly, people will only get a chance to stay there for at least 4 days, obviously because of the limited available rooms… it is fully occupied EVERYDAY..

Laban Rata Resthouse :) with the fabulous view at the back :)

It took me 5 hours to reach Laban Rata on the very first day I climbed it ( Thank God ) :P.. I’m toooo exhausted, tired, excited but the curiousity took me over than my nerve ..

The sweat just worth it!! Trust me, I was breathless with the extremely beautiful view I saw… View on the fine afternoon on the plane?? Four times beautiful!! I managed to snap few shots before I stepped on d building n report my duty to the resident manager there.. ~ Mr Freddie Jude. Luckily, my chief cook cousin was there n I had the first meal in Laban Rata, Fried Chicken Rice.. ~ not bad though ~ hehe

I’m a nature lover, I love nature n the nature loves me (perhaps).. hehe I really do into nature so much.. There was this day, me and my other 3 friends went discovered the “Virgin” Forest at the back of the LR building with wearing a black toilet slipper only :P we crossed the stream which I was convinced by my friend that the stream actually was part of the waterfall that we normally will seen along KK-Ranau road.. so, quite lucky for me 2 saw it J it was freaking cold!! Then, we saw this really unique cave with another stream in the middle of it, surrounded with many types of beautiful flowers.. well, we assumed there a bunch of orchids there… it should be the cave of the Golden Rose.. :P

Meters ahead, we found this steep place where we can witness the most2 beautiful view of Sabah … it was damn beautiful!! 4 of us sat there for a couple of hours.. Sharing stories, ate cookies, laughing n went back before sunset.. hurmm, now I miss the place.. huhu

And yep, we even climbed to the peak for few times whenever we feel wanna to.. ~ it’s a bonus for working there.. without need to pay extra ringgit ~ and of course, u can see part of sabah there.. and there’s a “wishing pool” where some peoples believed it is a pool for wishes granted.. u can even see some coins were sleeping there.. hehe and the most popular view u can see is the beautiful sunset..

The wishing Pool... u can even swim in it ... and fishing... hehe yup, i'm Kidding! :P

This is the wishing Pool i'm talking about :) if u watch it closely, u can see pieces of ice there..

it's freaking cold that turn the pool into ice!!

The sunset from Gunting Lagadan Hut

The sunset view from Gunting Lagadan Hut again :)

Meeting various kind of people from all over the world is one of the reason I love my job so much!! I even met some celebrities.. some were so nice while the rest were just a bunch of dumb ass hahaha… oya, we went crazy when we met these Hong Kong celebrities.. haha they happen to be my favourite actor/ess.. and trust me, they smelled soooo sweet…. I was blushed the moment I approached them asking for couple snaps.. sorry 2 disturb your dinner Samuel n charles … and also “wei wei” and the bulum kanal Miss Hong Kong hehehe… even the leader of the tour, Jackie asked me whether I’m ok or not.. hehe by the way, Jackie is really a nice guy.. he even handed me the picture of his Korean tourist took months before… compared to the rest, he’s the best la… not that sombong type..

But hey, I’m having the BEST and FABULOUS time there in Laban Rata, Resthouse Mount Kinabalu.

~ although I felt like a bit Like New Zealand but I managed to cope with the freaking coldness.. practice makes perfect hehe… and honestly, I even dream I’m still there hanging with Cely, Eil, Mr Lawrence Soon, the crazy employees there like Dickson for sure, the gila2 mountain guides n met new foreign tourists like the Australian Benjamin Kelly Taylor, the Swedish Caroline…now, I miss the place badly huhu..

The best time was when me, Cherye, Betharia and Betly were posted there ~~… having the great time ever!! Karina, no worries.. with U , Teffany and the Chef Ismail Look alike, our naturalist, Zul.. was the best too~~..

The journey to the peak :) holding to the white rope :)

me and Buddy, Beth chillin' out at the top :P

Us against the coldness!! hehe Buddy Cely, me and Buddy Beth :)

New one!! i havent tried it yet! Via Ferrata Rock Climbing.. pic taken by Eil.

The highest public Phone in Asia! hehe... u can found these two just nearby Sayat-Sayat hut.

With the RM Mr Lawrence Soon :) I miss U guys!

I learnt a lot from there..

~ Open your mind for possibilities as nothing is impossible, for sure..

~ Always be ready to try new things as you’ll never know how worthy the outcomes may

be.. Don’t think negatives cause it will ruined your chances before even it started..

~ Enjoy every second of living and..

~ Love nature … they’ll love you in returns..

I’m treasured every moment I was there ~

To be continued….. XOXO

That's all for today!! \(^_^)/

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