Monday, May 4, 2009

DSS 3rd REUNION Picnic

back to work. Im not going to complain cause i promised not to. lol. but anyway, yesterday i joined my sister for their 3rd DSS Reunion at the Second Beach @ Tanjung Aru, No clubbing this time. We both arrived around 8am something with the hampers and foods, and the view was nice, got the wind blowing my face and the sounds of the wave.. it's beautiful in the other words.

I'll upload the pictures soonest ya!

The weather was so hot! the result? i changed from pure dusun to mixed dusun + negro. The heat caused the burnt. My boss asked me this morning if i went to the Island yesterday. She noticed the skin changes. lol.

It was a crazy week for me, at times i was so buzy with works and the dateline reports, at times i was busy fighting with my own feeling. something i cannot explain to anybody even to myself! but God knows better so Let It Be. haha Don't worry dear, im fine. :P

Happy Monday everyone! Cheers!! ^^


Mama Mia said...

Happy Monday to you too Ninie!

Adora said...

Heheheee..aritu sy pi beach nearly 1pm..mandi manda abis telmpau excited nda sedar tebakar kulit ni..adedeh..

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

Happy Monday Mama Mia :D Hope you had a great day :)

Adora, hahaha skg lagi punya panas cuaca dia huhu sa kunun pg btapuk d bawah pokok skali tbakar jg ni 1 badan.. merah2 lagi haha