Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stranger at out front door~

oh, whatta day.
cant believe time flies - so fast - but im glad it did. I cannot wait to meet up with my dear best friends, 25 years passed and we're still together. i LOVE them.
but we're not going to Mamutik Island as planning ;

" see you next time Mamutik :) "

Hence, we'll going to do other stuffs ^^

last night, while i was in the kitchen, my housemate came to me with this terrified face. She told me there's someone knocking loudly on our front door, saying " This is my house, let me in "
true, i was scared. It can be a killer, robber or mean people. she/he could be any of these. But Instead of trying to open the door, me and Jenny ran to my sister in our bedroom .lol. Without a second thought, my sister went to the door, and opened it.
we were like " okay.."
stupid us, we dont have the guts to open it. lol

so, guess who?

it's a young lady.

and neither of us knew her.

she insisted for us to let her in, saying she's paid the rent and she's part of the family. She showed us the letter that she had actually stole from our unlocked mailbox and introduced her name which was written on the letter.

She claimed she's coming from Kota Kinabalu and practically, she forgot which part of KK she's from, 10 minutes later, she's changed the origin to Kota Belud and 30 minutes after, confidently she said she was from Ranau.

we tried to be nice with her but instead of thanking us for layan her, she said
" Kamu tidak ramah mesra, kamu tidak menghormati sebab saya pun tinggal sini. Rugi O kamu sebab kamu tidak kasi masuk sa.. sebab saya pemilik rumah ini "

you can guess how we felt that moment.

we again, tried to scare her by calling a fake police and she's laughing saying
" saya pun panggil polis sebab kamu tinggal tempat saya "

well, that forced us to called the real cop.

and while waiting for the cops to come over, we did try to talk with her but i dunno, the longer you have a conversation with her, more headache you will get, cause we experienced it!

us : siapa bawa ko pi sini?
Her : tiada
Us: macamana ko bleh pg sini?
Her : *mumbling*
Us : ko ada boyfriend ka?
Her : Ada!
Us: panggil la dia, minta tolong dia ambil ko d sini
Her :.. ...... Uii, Mana buli saya bercinta sekarang, masih muda lagi..mingkirayou [ mintapuji ]
Us : * bang our heads on the wall *

30 minutes later, the cops arrived and her reaction? very calm.

She said to the police " Ini rumah saya, dorang tidak kasi masuk saya "

Police : bagi IC ko
her : teda IC sa, passport sja
Police : Bagi passport ko
Her : Teda passport sa

we truly know how the policemen felt.

The policemen took her away but eventho she's annoy us so much, we hope she'll be okay and found the right house to stay.

p/s: we did record her and captured her images. God bless this young lady.
well guys, take care.. yay!! cuti lagi

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