Friday, May 1, 2009

You got me~

Happy Labour's day everyone :)

phew! been really2 busy. There's so many things going on my head, million thoughts! im wishing so bad it'll be achieved. cause this time, im serious.. hehe ive wasted my acc's brain recently! i didnt actually utilized it to the suppose-to-be level. im stuck! im totally look like an idiot and .. im lost. somewhere i dunno. huhu hey, im going to do the plan soonest. and when ive done my part, let's see if this idiot still exist. haha no, i dunno what im talking about :P

anyway, went out with my dear sister today.. hoho..sister fetched me from office and we both headed to CP. along the way *talking*talking* and shes got migrain! maybe i talked too much. -_-

but thank God, the Vincci shop cure her. shes always been a Vincciholix after all.. huhu and she ended up buying me a pair of heels. i felt like jumping. yay! thank youuuuu hoho. and shit! i had to queuing for more than half an hours in 3 ATMs Machine. but along the way to these magic boxs, i make 2 friends. hoho. the lady told about her crush which happen to be someone's belonging and say it loud.. i was like 0_0.. dunno what to say. haha

anyway2, we done our most-favourite job after that.. the blouses looks stunning! fabulous! i cannot even shut my eyes passing each of them, I kept on talking and my sister attacked by migrain again.. huhu we had a few minutes in Starbucks, the Vanilla Cream with Choco Chips healed my desire to buy the entire CP. hoho. Oya, i couldnt find the Nose shop. was it moved? haha this is my first time after last feb went there ba.. hehe we went Levis, Ngiukee, some ladies' shops, and bla... bla..

reached home finally @ 10pm. penat gila. tapi best la jalan2. sister said " reward " for us. we deserve something we've been longing for quite some times, right?

hehe so guys, enjoy your this day ya! my checklist for this end of month;

1. ordering thing - done!
2. E-mail the Maria, the TG - done!
3. Planinng with my dear buddies - Amen!!

well, take care guys!! drive safety!

" almost there .... keep on walking ninie"

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