Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back to Normal~

I feel to blog.
Cause my ideas pouring like a rain this morning.
But then again, as usual.. when i started typing these keys, the ideas slowly burnt out. which practically means, i cant remember the stories that i plan to say here.

i dont feel of doing my work either -_-
you can say, im Malas. but whatever.. i dont give it a damn. Im not really excited to go to my convocation, like i felt the last 2 months. I wish Bbey, Beat, Roses, Cyah and Jane will be there. cause it sucks to realize they wont be there, when you had been together, faced the challenges for the past 3 years.

I'll be going with my baby.. my sister & Mom will comes soon ahead. and ive gotta meet my childhood buddy also, Mimie.. she's going to stay with us.... Geez. WAIT!! Now, im excited :D

i have gained 3 sinful KGs.
which means,
I am FAT.



Ive been longing to gain some weight before,
you can noticed it in my previous entries.
Im okay with my size now to be honest but the problem is
My upper body is size S
and my lower body is size L

No Kidding!!
dont say im abnormal.
sometimes, i rather keeping my fats bulging at my tummy.
but i dont look good in that way.
so, i decided..
back to jogging again this afternoon.
hurray!! i hope i can make it, at least, 2 rounds :P

( photo taken when i was jogged at Tun Fuad Stephen )

Ohh, thank God my fever healed.
My sister suggest me to go dentist today for my toothache and
my sore throat.. still loyalty with me.
i hope these pains cured before saturday.

well guys :)
Take Care~

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