Friday, May 22, 2009


Thank God it's Friday!

The office seems a little bit quiet today, everyone busy with their works.
tho the schedule board is empty, at the moment.
no tour for the next few days.
we had just done the UK-Market tours.

everybody taking chances to Facebook-ing and Ym. hehe kerja juga tu kan..

but me, in the other hand, have to complete all my works before im going to my holiday.. and have to prepare all the things need to be done once im come back. my boss keep reminds me to do these things.. It's not like i'll be going away for months! The fact, They're not going to realize that im away from my desk for days hehe sepa la diriku ini.. hahaha

Anyway, since i forgot to bring my tapau today, i spend 15 minutes to think of where to lunch and how my money will slips away just like that. [ sepa suru tia bawa tapau? ] but thanks to bbey darl.. hehe she have this sixth sense to know that im going to be alone eating my lunch. hehe Her sms cheer me.

Bbey : Morning Ninie, mai p lunch sma2 nanti, mau?
Me : Mauuuuuuuuuu

with a single sms, I thank God for the whole day. haha

we'll be eating at Ang's Restaurant, Gaya Street. the always-busy chinese restaurant!

well, ladies and gentlemen.
have a great weekend!!
dont drive too fast ya! 120 will be enough :P


Little Inbox said...

Where are you going for holiday?

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

Hi little Inbox, How's Perth? Let me know more of the Perth story ya! :) my holiday just here hehe.. im going to KL for my graduation hehe

Rhythm of My Soul said...

ninie...hehe..mulau :)