Friday, May 1, 2009

Think ahead.

yuhuu! :D went for shopping again today, ehem! CORRECTION - i accompany my sister went shopping. cause my job was watching her bought all the stuff and advisor only -_- huhu anyway,.. it took 45 minutes for us just to find a perfect sport shoes for my sis. other words, i was sooo tired and hungry.the last shop we went was Adidas shop, and haha my sister falling in loveeeeee!! okay, i admit. we're both falling in LOVE. muahaha.. who can tell? .. the ladies' shoes was perfect, and it deserve LOVES from us. i wish i have the budget to buy it -_- the sales assistant managed to consult my sister to buy it. practically, because the sales assist. guy is cute, makes the heart melt haha

but anyway, my teeth killing me. ive been suffering for days because of it. im only 24 and havent yet going to be 30's, but seems my teeths are bidding goodbye to me. i did wash it everyday baaaaa... huhu me and my sister suddenly brought back the past stories, which we left farrrrrrrr behind already. hehe it's funny and i suddenly realize how cruel i was treated back then. but dun wan to talk about it la, i have the future waiting for me, whatever it is, i believe God has a perfect planning for me. :P

Im going to watch One In Million later on. It comes to the last episode finally, sa mau undi esther. hehe

take care guys.


belleOFranau said...

damn! tomok yang menang..kin ada undi esther..tiapa selaunya yang 2nd yang berjaya kan..hehehe

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

hehehe.. yaba, tapi mcm ketara sd tu c tomok menang, balik2 kna ckp kan. ksian ni esther.. tingu famili dia dtg jauh.. huhu