Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bestfriends are Angels,sent from above but in human form :)

“When it hurts to look back, and you're scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there.”

agree :) i was blessed enough to have the BEST persons on earth to be called my own. my girlfriends. my bestfriends :) It's really hard to find one, who knows exactly who you are, saw your weakness and yet, still love you :] we fought like a normal people & we encourage like friends and family should do.

BABIES: i met my dearly bestfriend, Gomoi since we're babies! oh, too young to know what friendship really is. July 3rd, i was born. July 5th, she followed me to see the world. i think we started be friends since then. what do babies know? :)

KINDERGARTEN: I met Mimie. we even had some nude but cute, pictures together! haha No, you're totally not allowed to imagine how we three looks alike :P so, there's me, Gomoi and Mimie during those days :)

PRIMARY SCHOOL: i met my dearly Cecelia@cicak & Julie. i made some other friends and were close actually but we lost contact soon after we moving to Secondary. Gomoi, Mimie, Cicak, Julie and i skip classes sooo MANY TIMES! we'll pretending sicks almost everyday, went to the nearby hospital, bought roti canai and brought it home. i wonder how possible we passed those final exams?

SECONDARY SCHOOL: i met soooo many various friends here. i met my dearly Cely, Beth & Ujie. hehe it's funny tho to remember how we met. There's this chinese classmates gave us a letter, which was all in Chinese handwriting.. and we asked Cely for help and translated it to us. she didnt really like us that moment actually, but we kept offer her to go lunch together, talked about guys and we became closer ever since. ow, Ming Ming & Kery. i forgot these two! haha. they're little friendly guys! cakap kuturr seja dari form 1. haiya.

Ming Ming to us.

"Kalau kamu mau cari boyfriend, mesti lagi hensem dari sa. klu tia, sa tia kasi approved!"


AFTERSCHOOL: Thousand of things had happened between us. we fought, we tolerance.. but those things only give us a chance to hold each other more tightly.. They were there when i was down, when i thought i had lost everything :) i was seriously in trouble once, i wasnt really myself.. surprisingly, they took leave, skip class kk to rnu.. just to be there for me :') we talked things that makes me happy, i almost forgot what was the thing that upsetting me that much! i wasnt alone. they helped me to go through in one of the worst day of my life :) no matter how wrong or right i was/am, somehow, they'll always be on my side. that's why i love them so damn much!! :D

this is for you my dearest:

Belinda Yap@Gomoi, Cherye Goh@ Cely, Rosmeylene Tan@Mimie,Cecelia Johny@Cicak, Roziana James@Ujie, Betharia Joanes@Beth and to Julie, altho you're not with us all the time :)

gee.. cant wait to gather again this coming 28th.. for the countless time! :D

"We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere."

-Tim McGraw

"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light."

UiTM: i met many cool and awesome friends during these 3 years :) friends who i never thought i could have, friends whom i trust with all my heart :) i met my darlings Bbey, Beat, Siah, Rose, Gleat, Jane & Tracy :D They own the warmest hearts i have ever known :) we share soo many memories, funny, sad, anger and weird feelings. One i would never forget is how they amazed me with our beliefs :] and there's this moment, i was in my room studied with Bbey & Jane since our final paper is just hours away.. suddenly
i received a sad news from my brother. my dearly grandpa has peacefully passed away. i was really sad. i cannot concentrate and kept on crying.. Bbey & Jane were there, hugging and comforting me all night. they left their books and pen just to be there for me.. i went outside the room, and sat on d stairs.. cause i dont want their studies to be bothered by my sadness. But they followed me, and still giving the warm blanket to let my tears dry..

i love them :')
Sharon Ronny@Bbey, Beatrice Saikeh@Beat, Jane Koh@Jen2, Grace Maclean@Gleat, Nursiah Tamsir@Siah & Roslynd Emlye@Roses, Tracey Valentine.

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.


Hugs and Kisses!

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