Friday, April 23, 2010


the day when i was still slim. cant u judge by looking at my thinny-blackie feet? :P

Getting FAT each passing day and this fact seriously makes me down! duh* i tried my best to reduce my food's, like, everyday but it doesnt work -at all, cause i'll end up looking for snacks everytime i skip my meals -_- oh, like what happened just now.. i skip my lunch cause i desperately needs a new body for my sister's wedding's dress :P and suddenly, Mum came with kfc on her hands. 3 buckets. how can i resist its charm? -_-

anywayssss.. chatting with my dearly buddy just now.. and jeez..

Me: moi, da ba sa mau kasitau ko ni.. tp sa tia tau mcmana ...
Her: ee apa, kasitau sa.
Me: eemm.. tedala.. hihi.. nanti la a.
Her: ee apa ba, kasitau la sa. sa tia mau pg oo reunion nanti
Me: atokk! hahahahaha
Her: betul ba.
Me: nda ba, ajar sa men cafe world.
Her: nut, c **** meluahkan perasaan sma sa.
Me: apa dia ckp?
Her: sa inda mau kasitau ko. nah pa perasaan ko. nah
Me: hahahahahhahahahahhahah!!

it's Friday already. Time.Time.Time. oh my. i really take you for granted, huh?


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