Monday, April 19, 2010

it's almost 3am. and awake. as usual.

morning :) those who awake and those who sleeping :D
i have thousand things on my mind at d moment. im sleepy but i cant sleep. i desperately want to sleep but im not sleepy. misery. . . . Oh, Today! i love today :) i, finally, learn how to drive!! lol. i, first drive when i finished school. but i cant complete it since i moved to work at d mountain.. and i got the chance again today!! :D yea. kesiannn hahaha they dont trust me handle wt cars ba before hihi.

but my body itchy there n here o.. what allergic lagi i got here? no seafood n no egg suda. allergic Online mungkin?? hihi. anyways, will heading back to my dearest hometown tomorrow's morning. i finished my job here. just three things left to do : Maybank, Public Bank & Warisan Sq. my sister's wedding is just around d corner.. lotssa to-do-list waiting to be done! which apparently are all pending.. well, for now :P

go to bed now with my buddies : gonop & music player.
you should take yours too :)

later! xo

p/s: Cupcake.. Doraemon Cupcake.. Cupcake.. T_T

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