Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blogshops Flea Market #2

hi guys :)
happy Sunday! :D just got back home, wandering around with my buddy just now :) <3

11A is where our stall was.
but the position had been changed last minute, and our preparation's process was postponed like 10-20 minutes just to make sure we're at d right lot! duh. there were lots of people there indeed, but sadly most of them were GUYS. which practically means, fashion isnt their priority! our selling was a bit slow dat day, but that's okay .. cause i get to see lots of fancy cars, drifts, etc! jeez. they make my day! haha

waiting for d drift show.

Lotus :( i wantt!!

who says you cant be PINK?


Time to go home.
we packed our stuff 6.30pm and jeez.. i seriously looked like om already. body care is d last thing on my mind nowadays! haha. but i can always gain my original skin back, no matter how long it'll take.. i will patiently waiting haha.

flea market, see you again on d 29th! :D

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Mama Mia said...

oh cars?! i'm not cute enough to drive one..hehe...