Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Your friend is your needs answered.

Howie guys :]
just got back home. pretty tired!
went to see the Shangri-la's sales executive this morning, having a little discussion about our ex-uitm reunion this coming May.. wee, im thrilled!! and so-cant-wait! i wish so faithfully that everybody can make it! so far, there's me, Bbey, Andy, Elsie, Kam2, Helena, Girus, Shah.. i havent talked with the others yet. Soon after i confirmed the venue & date, then i can happily announce the party! Let's get the party started baby!

my sister said Shangri-la's buffet was awesome! owww.. my mouth cant resist its charm! haha

After the short talks, i went to Api2 McD for lunch with my buddy Bbey.. She looks so fabulous! i cant help but looking at her new shape!! honestly, it's killings me soo bad! omg. she look soooooooooooo RAMPING! i look fat sitting next to her.. Huhuhu tiapa, at least i was motivated to work on my body. should eat at least 3 times a day by now. No more double order, no more supper, no more snacks hiding in my room! Ninie, jiayou!! you can do it! ngeh ngeh, jaga la ko bbey!

after the ONE Hour non stop talking [ i miss her :) ], went straightly to Wisma buddies, Ujie & Gomoi were there waiting for me, ah.. another meal for the day. i dunno, after-lunch meal i guess? but FOOD is a thing you cant say NO to, in life. i have to follow the nature somehow.. :P Funny thing, we trying to ask Beth, also our buddy, to join us that moment ba, but we knew her so well! if you say 'tung, mari kasi kawan sa makan' .. she'll answer 'suda makan'.. so we came up in my mind to cheat her :P

Beth: Hellooo
Me: tung, ko mana?
Beth: office, knapa?
Me: huhuhu.. kasi kwn sa sini food court, da sa mau kasitau ko.. huhu da masalah.. huhu
Beth: aie, knapa? ko mau kawin sd??
Me: da prob huhu.. tlg sa. ko dtg a.
Beth: ba2.. i'll be there 5 minutes. eh, 3 minutes.

20 minutes after, she arrived.
i told them " klu betul2 sa da prob, sa mati suda o.. lmbt btul dia dtg! "
lol. at least, she came. and kna mara jugala kami.. haha

5.30pm, we went to IB. Jeeeez... i got my new contact lense!! :D it's grey but it looked like blue on my eyes. and my ring. the one i lost at home :) i have it engraved wt name on it :D we went to cp after that, spend 1.30 hours for karaoke! old-time-favourite! even i have the worst voice in the universe, my passion will always be singing! hehe

we fixed 28th May to be our bestfriend's reunion! :D

and 2am, here i am. havent take my bath yet. hehe i'll be back to Ranau tomorrow.. i miss my dearly little cat already.. :)

enough for today.

see u again :]

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