Saturday, April 3, 2010


Long day today :)
before i go furthermore, it's GOOD FRIDAY yesterday.
i hope it'll brings realization to everyone's heart :)

neway, It was a tiring day for us - today!
we opened a little stall at Jesselton Point this morning.. me, my sister Kobie and Cousin Rovanne woke up as early as 6am and packing our things for the selling. It was a bright day to starts with :D we got dresses, clothes, heels, bags, accessories and dolls for sell :) the selling was surprisingly .. going PRETTY WELL! hehe we met many kind of buyers :)

like this Japanese Lady. old lady infact.

Me: Hello..
Japanese Lady: how much?
*pointing the used-but-in-perfect-condition Vincci Heel*

Me: It's RM17 but i can give you RM10 for one pair.
Japanese Lady: See.. See.. no fit. no fit. Bigger. Bigger.
Me: *giving a sad face*
Japanese Lady: no fit, no fit.. RM3, RM3..
Me:.. sorry, RM10 is the less i can give you..
Japanese Lady: No fit.. RM3!!!
Me: .....

bingung sikijap. hehe she was actually mad at us cause she cant fits perfectly in that Size 7. just a little thought away, was it our prob? ..

in business, CUSTOMER ALWAYS RIGHT. but we just cant give it away for RM3.. :(
but Phew! it was a blast! :D
we even bought some dress from our business partner :P haha

& sadly, our business' neighbor's bag was stolen.
and it contains everything inside. blackberry, car's keys, medical's record.
kesian her.

what else? oh, my Sony mp3 player is giving me heartache :'( i recharge it on lappy and suddenly it turned black and i cant switched it on :( huhuhuhuhuhuhu...
oh wait, it got small reset button at the back.
It's ON!! huahahahaha. i forgot how innocent i was :P

well, dont forget to catch us at this date:

17th APRIL 2010
Habour City [facing Sutera Habour]

lots of new and branded stuff to be taken away :)
pictures will be shared soon :D

Cheers! xo

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