Saturday, April 24, 2010

Boredom can be a silent killer.

countdown to May 1st, my sister's wedding :D
havent received anything, yet, from my mailbox.. uhhh

You're invited! :D do come ya.

I spent most of times o n l y at home nowadays and it gets boring -_- it's funny tho, when i was still studying/working, i was hoping so badly i could get days off and now, it's sooo vice versa! i think my passion now is more to tourism.. i neglect most of the accounts vacancies i found in newspaper :P maybe to open my own backpackers, or hotel. haha dream do comes true, dont they said? :D

& we gained some experience from d backpackers we stayed abroad.. :D

i m i s s to hang out with my friends ..
boredom can be a silent killer, for real!


enough for d day. im in mood to cook right now. i watched AFC, and it basically has enhance my interest :P til then, cheers!

Hug and Kiss

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