Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hari Selasa

Howie guys :] it's Tuesday already. omg, time seems to fly faster huh? 2 weeks before my sister's big day, hopefully, i'll get my dress before the wedding's eve. the seller will only going to post it this coming thursday! sigh* at home by the way, my cat struggling to bite my hands into pieces at d moment and to my counts, there's more than 10 scars he caused!! 0_0 it's hurt yea. too fragile to be bitten! ahahha

anyways, woke up with full of worries. something ive never, ever, thought before. but there's a way to every obstacle, right? so, i'll just keep on moving anddd i dunno, be strong? hehe ow, cant wait to gather again with my classmates cum buddies this coming June, 26th!! It's been a year since we graduated. and my girlfriend's reunion also will be at d same month, 2 days after d UiTM bacth 05-08's day :D

that's it for now.
til then, xo!

p.s: Sorry for everything :(

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