Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wedding and wedding.

reached kk at 1pm something. me and mum were sleeping at d backseats, along d way. It's weird to see my youngest bro driving in fact -_- still odd for me yea. i cant believe how big he is already. Gee. anyways, dad went straightly to sit his exam this afternoon and we went to w. merdeka for d wedding dress' fitting. My sister, bro-in-law, cousins Xane & Vane were already there d moment we arrived. Ah, i love all the wedding dress!! and how funny was it, when we kept disagreeing in EACH DRESS my sister worn "ni lagi cantik! eh, tu yg cantik.. ni na ba yg cantik" leave her all in confused! lol. at least, we agreed on d last two choice hehe it proved somehow, we do have similarities from d genetic we were created! hihi but she looks gorgeous in those gowns :)

talking about wedding, dad, bro and i, having d same conversation somewhere this noon.. it's about how my younger bro, Roy will get engaged earlier than me..

Dad said:
"mau kna bagi cincin tu sebab dia limpas ko kan, duluan dari ko.."
"Tia mau cincin dad, sa mau percutian free.. p melancong"


few more days. counting d time. i havent get my dress yet!! nothing inside my mailbox.. uhhh. Dress hunting tomorrow!! sediakan payung sebelum hujan.. tia kisah brapa banyak payung, yg penting ada untuk berteduh kan? hihi..

take care guys :)
cause i'll be too.. til' then, cheers!

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♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Your sister's wedding is next ka, yang 1st of May? Wah ramai betul urang kawin kan.. Hehe!

Congrats to them in advanced! :D