Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Komeng birthday and me being so skinny..

Yesh!! My second @ Final test finally over!! huahaha.. now i can laugh EVILy! :P Today also will be the last class.. and it's time for redemption!! I can sleep for hours tomorrow...How i long for that!!! And my exam will be on 24th, Tuesday, next week.. so still have lots and lots of time to sleep.. muahehehe... don't hate me for sleeping too much :P

well, i mentioned about having a birthday celebration in my second last blog.. here's the picturessss... take some times before i can finally uploaded them hehe..

Sister Kobie wt Komeng, and the chocolate cake :P

~ Still, i'm not good in taking a photo :P

~ The girls with Christa Belle.. cuteee ooo dat baby!!

~ The skinny me, the birthday girl Komeng and Farah herself :)

Happy belated birthday komeng. We had the new delicious Pizza that night ( i forgot the name.. hehe ) and you can actually purchase this Pizza with the discount 30%..only if you are a Digi User & pay the order by Maybank ATM card.. But it is only for the single order.. hehe.. Hey, it's reasonable..

That night i made a deal with Farah.. People keep complaining how skinny i am even hubby himself so i wanna be FAT!! hehehe.. I wanna gain LOTS of weight..and Farah wanna lost some.. hehe.. so, we promised each other by the end of this July. huahaha.. I'm taking it seriously indeed. I even had my Vitamin C everyday and Meals at least 4 times a day.. So, Hubby.. make sure you still want me after July!!! :P hehehe...



Kobie said...

wahahahah!!gud gud..makan byk2 baru cpt gmuk macam sa!

Kadus_Mama said...

wah!! ko ni ninie..I want to shed some of my extra pounds oh..malas tengok tu lemaks mengeleber d pinggang..hehe ko pulak mau tambah berat..anyway, all the best mau tambah berat ah..

Ninie Jane said...

hahaha.. ya kadus... sa mau cari lemak berlebihan ni skg, jeans pun jatuh ni sa pakai huhuhu

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Blog Ninie! Best!

Ba..tips to gain more weight!
Eat a lots of grain & rice! Tatap naik punya BUT..you must exercise & reshape your muscle..

Advise..weightlifting (dumbell should be ok) focus on the ribs, 'pinggang' & hip area..

For hands muscles do the usual weightlifting exercise, focus on your tricep & bisep..tanya c kobs mana satu aaa..

Paling berkesan..do aerobic 30min-1hour a day at least 3 times a week; OR swimming at least once/twice a week..1 hour should be ok. Mana2 ko ada masa..

Mitos..jogging is enough..A BIG NO NO! It only for you fitness (cardio) & built up more on you thigh! & more..injury 100% on you knee/joint! Beware of that!

Diet is ok, don't go Extreme..example like me! I do the extreme diet; result--SICKNESS..gastric to be sure! So, go for lite diet. It better be average than more/less.

the most important advise..DON'T CARE WHAT PEOPLE SAY! You can be sad at that moment when people complain/critic about your weight BUT, remember it is YOUR BODY..& YOU HAVE TO LOVE IT!