Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tips to gain weight

ya2.. still me trying to gain more kilos this week hehehe.. beat said i gained a lil bit, muahehehe... but thanks to Komeng, she gave me this useful tips!!..

"Ba..tips to gain more weight!
Eat a lots of grain & rice! Tatap naik punya BUT..you must exercise & reshape your muscle..

Advise..weightlifting (dumbell should be ok) focus on the ribs, 'pinggang' & hip area..

For hands muscles do the usual weightlifting exercise, focus on your tricep & bisep..tanya c kobs mana satu aaa..

Paling berkesan..do aerobic 30min-1hour a day at least 3 times a week; OR swimming at least once/twice a week..1 hour should be ok. Mana2 ko ada masa..

Mitos..jogging is enough..A BIG NO NO! It only for you fitness (cardio) & built up more on you thigh! & more..injury 100% on you knee/joint! Beware of that!

Diet is ok, don't go Extreme..example like me! I do the extreme diet; result--SICKNESS..gastric to be sure! So, go for lite diet. It better be average than more/less.

the most important advise..DON'T CARE WHAT PEOPLE SAY! You can be sad at that moment when people complain/critic about your weight BUT, remember it is YOUR BODY..& YOU HAVE TO LOVE IT!"

Kobie and Komeng..

So, ladies and gentlemen, for those who like a change in their life :P, let's practice it together!! Thanks again to komeng!!

P/S = You should try her "Jessersize" class!! Sorry for the misspelling huhu



Kadus_Mama said...

hehe! all the best with gaining weight..

Little Inbox said...

Me wanna lose weight, however, come back from work, have to cook dinner somemore, so end up no time to exercise pulak. :(
I have to be rearrange my time table, if not, I won't be success.