Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Home.. Home!! Finally home!

Finally , i have my 2 weeks holiday before the new semester starts! *Weee.. Sure will enjoy it to the fullest :P

Go back Ranau today with childhood bestfriend, Gomoi.. we've grown so much, OMG.. i cant believe we both will turn to 24 soon!! Really, 24 years old???.. Sometimes, i forgot my age. Not because i refused to grow ( If i have a choice!! ) it's just that i forgot when i born.. haha not until someone said "Don't you think you're too old for that?" or the same age said "Excuse me kak.." or "Emm, I'm sorry but this only for 20s below..."

OK OK, i get it. I'm getting old!!!
Gomoi and me :)

But, who cares..

Age is just a number, right?? ( Yesh2!!! ) and the higher it gets, the more valuable we'll become ( Perhaps?? ) .. Try me?? I've dated a young fabulous man for a year now. so, who cares about age. haha.. Why am i being so emotional here?? haha..

So tired. Need a lil nap. Then i'll continue blogging *Wink.....

CHEERS ..burger! hehe..


Kadus_Mama said...

wah!! besar and makin tua sudah suma orang..hahahaha!!

Ninie Jane said...

heheheheh.... tia sedar kan kadus huhuhu