Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cousin's wedding anniversary.. :)

Last Saturday, June 7th, was my cousin’s wedding anniversary.. Mum wake me and sister Kobie around 9am..and want or not, we had to take bath and bsiap2 the fastest as we can, cause that’s the only thing that can stop mum from nagging… she kept saying “ lambat suda ni, patut kita pigi sana awal ni tulung2 sana… bla..bla….” huhu… and before we went to cousin’s, mum brought us for breakfast.. she even had time to stori2 with her kawan2 there…….. mum, I thought we lambat suda??.....

My fav tauhu.. nyum2!!!... mum really good in cooking this :)

Sister and Mum.. don't they really look alike??

Me wt the chinese tea ping :P

Around 11.30am, we finally arrived at cousins’. Everyone was so busy in cooking and preparing the foods, chairs and the gong...

And, We met our very old-long-lost cousins from Kota Marudu. It’s been almost 10 years I haven’t meet them. Sadly, they almost didn’t recognize me.. huhu I’ve grown so much they said.. yeah, right. The cousin I used to play with when we were kids has became a stranger to me that moment.. He’s been staying in USA for quite long and has become the US Air force navy there.. lamaaa oo tia jumpa.

So much to say here , lets these pictures tell the story.. =)

The sisters!!!

Yin2... my niece from KM.

Me and cousin Yohan..


The KM Family gathering hehe.. sort of :P

Me waiting for a chance to play the gong huhu...

Finally!! hehe i've got the chance to play 6 of 'em!! altho the 5th gong da t'sumbang sikit i played hehehe...

Sister Kobie wt the second gong :)

My cousin, Mechell and her eldest son.. Happy anniversary sister!!

She looked nice in white, and I’ve missed the chance to see her in her evening dress, huhu.. Mum was in rushed to attend her best friend daughter’s wedding that night…so we had to go.. =)

P/S: by the way, if you noticed, there’s no picture of her husband here…Honestly? I don’t really like that man.. hehehehe… terus terang aa.. hehehe




Kadus_Mama said...

wah!!! Bestnya!.Lama sia nda p be'gathering with my saudara2 oh..By the way..kurus sudah si kobie oh kan..heheheheeeee

Kobie said...

huinaa gambar sa lagi ah..terus terang jua nda suka si tuuutt heheh..kalu da tebaca sakit ati ni dia..hahah

Ninie Jane said...

hehehe.. gumuk tu kadus, sa lagi kurus hehehe... biar 2.. teda gia gmbr dia hahahaha

Kadus_Mama said...

hahaha..pulak! tapi d gambar macam kurus pulak si kobie..hmmm..

Ninie Jane said...

hehehehe.. dia sdg b'usaha tu mau become skinny.. hehehe

Kobie said...

hehehe on diet kunun ni perut sa mengelebar juga ni hehe